life as understood

by jeff carr, master of the arts, -------------------------------------------------------------------------- presumably from a couch


the jumbotron

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Friday was a pretty good day. I gave away the paper I'd theoretically been working on for over a month. Specifically, I gave it to Lenny, my 6'4" Jewish Brooklynite history professor. The bulk of my semester is now behind me. I spent the better part of the week on the paper, minus a couple of Jazz games and a trip to Crystal Hot Springs. I don't really feel it was anywhere near my best work, but it'll probably be enough for the class. It was decent, I guess. I'm excited for this semester to be over. I slack off when I have too many easy classes. The remainder of my undergraduate career will be marked by 18-credit terms, however, with extra online classes on the top here and there. The really fun classes begin this January, including Creative Non-fiction Writing and Russian Translation. Anyhow, I felt pretty good on Friday, and I got to the basketball game way early to save seats for everyone. Much to my surprise, I was able to snag 12 seats in the front and second row behind the band. A member of the band told me that they weren't going to show up. Well, they did, so our timeouts were just as loud as the game itself. Early in the second half, we were just settling down to enjoy one (timeout) when I thought I saw one of the TV cameras upon me. As I and the rest of the 10,000-seat Spectrum soon discovered, it was. Yes, it was the popular USU basketball game classic timeout entertainment: the kiss cam-- and it was trained directly on Sarah and me. Anyway, we gave in and went from never having kissed in public to having 10,000 people see it simultaneously. The effects were felt immediately. The congratulatory texts started rolling in, my friend Jessica coyly raised her hand and asked about it as I was teaching Sunday School yesterday, and now people all over campus are throwing me the ol' wink-and-nudge with more frequency than usual. At least now I know why.