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I need to blog now. I need to blog now because I'm starting full-time work tomorrow, and I'm not necessarily going to have a ton to do just yet. Blog now, no temptation to blog during work tomorrow.

On a related note, does anyone have any ethical concerns with me attempting to scare a pregnant woman into early labor? How about ideas? No, not Sarah. She's got a few months yet. It's a coworker of mine. You see, on the day after I submitted my last grad school application (that was today), I'm beginning full-time, 8:30-5:00 adult work partially because a coworker is leaving on maternity. So this has all worked out rather nicely, actually: same wonderful job in the same great office with the same fun people. Just doubled. Bonus. But here's the thing: though I begin full-time tomorrow, I don't actually get to assume my coworker's responsibilities (or more importantly, move into her awesome corner office) until she actually has the baby. The due date is March 17th, but it really could happen any day. Until it does, though, I'm stuck in the basement for 8 hours a day with 4 hours worth of work.

So again, ideas? No?

I guess I can ride it out for a few more days. Even when she comes back in June, I get to remain at full-time (with a modest pay increase) until we head off to grad school in August. So it really is a pretty sweet deal. Thank goodness for my wonderful office. And say goodbye to the prospect of knocking doors for the U.S. Census for supplemental income.

Snapshot of America. Ha. On the grad school front, though I did just turn in my last application today, I've already heard from three schools. Four more to go. You'll forgive me if I don't discuss the specifics here, for obvious reasons. When we hear from everyone and make a decision, we'll have a nice signing day ceremony or something, and I'll put on a hat. Probably not an authentic hat, though. Probably my Washington Nationals hat with a college-ruled Sharpie logo taped to the front. Hats are expensive.