life as understood

by jeff carr, master of the arts, -------------------------------------------------------------------------- presumably from a couch



courtesy of Jeff |

It became official yesterday at about 8am. My life is amazing. It's too good. I've been realizing over the last little while that life will probably never be as wonderful as it is now, so I'd better enjoy it, but it just keeps getting better. I'm getting married. I'm learning a ton and loving my classes. I've got it all. And now, it's official. I'm going to Africa. Almost immediately after returning from spring break in California, I will be on a plane to Maputo, Mozambique. There, deep in the heart, I will spend a week doing two of the most exhilirating things in the world at the same time- writing and traveling. Not only will I automatically be published--thus directly giving my writing career a huge kick start, spending a week in Africa instead of class, and spending time with my uncles, but also National Geographic will be there. It's networking time. It's a long shot, I know, but maybe I could get my foot in the door looking toward an internship or something. Truth be told, my future career as a professor is probably not in much jeopardy, but the prospect of writing for a magazine, or something akin to that, is becoming more and more intriguing, at least while I'm young and vigorous. We'll see.