life as understood

by jeff carr, master of the arts, -------------------------------------------------------------------------- presumably from a couch


bachelor's log

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I write this with the knowledge that it can and probably will be used against me, in untold ways, for years to come. At the very least, it probably won't be interesting. We'll see.

October 18 (Day 1)

Put Sarah and the kids on a plane, literally. Went through security as an escort, and all the way to the back row, by the bathrooms. Could have EASILY flown to Salt Lake City for free. Didn't. Kissed them goodbye for 10 days. Since our wedding in 2008, I don't believe I've ever been home alone for more than 24 hours.

Worked. Felt a strange mix of foreboding and excitement. Went to Jack in the Box on the way home, opened all the blinds, watched part of the Giants game, Skyped Sarah, then returned to Palo Alto for the International Documentary Film Festival. Got in free. Learned how Stanislav Petrov may have saved the entire world from nuclear war in 1983. Need to research more about that on Wikipedia.

Decided just to finish Adam's whole milk instead of going to the store for more 1%. Began cleaning the apartment. Got the drum set from Rock Band out of the closet, but too tired to play. Studied Russian verbs instead.

October 19 (Day 2)

Stayed in, watched the Giants, ate leftover casserole, folded laundry. Was dreading having to iron about 8 of my nice shirts, which had been building up in a wrinkled pile for weeks, but realized I could just put them all through the laundry again, since I was washing the couch slip covers anyway and there was room. They remained wrinkly. Played Rock Band for far longer than I had planned. Started spreading out on the bed.

October 20 (Day 3)

Saturday. Found I'm no longer capable of sleeping in past 7:30 or so. Not the worst affliction. Stayed in bed and read Doctor Zhivago. Later, got the car smog certified and took it into the city. Wandered around The Mission, climbed Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower, and got some Persian food downtown. Love the city, but it was lonely wandering around it solo, which shouldn't have been surprising, since I've read books.

Attempted to purchase 2% milk and ended up with skim -- even worse than whole. Blue used to mean something. Watched Being John Malkovich.

October 21 (Day 4)

Went to church. Attended a potluck and didn't bring anything.

October 22 (Day 5)

Visited both the dentist and the DMV today. Finally ceded my Idaho license plates, despite not having lived there (really) since 2003. Was sad at first, but then I almost cut somebody off on the way home from work, and didn't beat myself up over it, for better or for worse. It's liberating to no longer carry the burden of representing my homeland with every move I make on the road. Traffic maneuvers rarely contribute positively to stereotypes.

Watched the Giants win yet another elimination game and advance to the World Series.

October 23 (Day 6)

Looked at a lot of pictures of Sarah on Facebook at work. Got jealous of a co-worker (my exact counterpart in another center) who has her own brand new office with a desk that rises and descends at the touch of a button, as if from the future. Watched a bunch of TED talks and a documentary about Hollywood extras. Cleaned the fridge.

October 24 (Day 7)

Staved off madness by staying at work until 7:30, then going straight to a friend's house on campus. Watched Arrested Development there for a while and didn't end up getting home until 12:45. Didn't so much as touch my beloved couch all day (also missed all but the first inning of Game 1).

October 25 (Day 8)

Ate a ton of Persian food at work. Stayed late again. Both of these long days, though, have come with dinner and lots of good language practice. Watching the end of Game 2 from the couch -- the only family I have left.

October 26 (Day 9)

Was able to leave work early, so went up to the temple in Oakland. Got caught in horrible traffic. Vowed, as I often do, never to return to the East Bay.

October 27 (Day 10)

Saturday again. Managed to sleep in until after 8:00 this time. Dreamt I was back in my childhood home and everything was unchanged. Also, Kim Kardashian was there. Went to the beach. Tried Capitola first before ending up back at good ol' Santa Cruz. Finished Doctor Zhivago in the sun. Got a gigantic serving of shrimp and Gilroy garlic fries on the boardwalk, threw away half. Drove and checked out UC Santa Cruz, which is without question the most unique college campus I've ever seen. It reminded me of a cross between USU and a Montana mountain ranch, only with an ocean view.

Came home, went shopping, cleaned out the car, put air in the tires, ironed, and patched up the couch. Wanted to go out for the evening, but realized I'm not sure what married guys are supposed to do at night when alone. Just watched the end of Game 3, then Donnie Darko on Netflix while studying more Russian verbs. Thought my family would only be gone for 10 days, but don't seem to see them yet.

October 28 (Day 11)

Went to church. Played cards with friends. Vacuumed, cleaned the windows, and tidied up the bedrooms. Watched the Giants win the World Series. Heard people whooping, honking horns, shooting off fireworks, presumably high-fiving, for more than an hour. Felt the urge to join in, but wasn't sure how. Whooped a little. Stayed up way too late doing nothing.

October 29 (Day 12)

Didn't get much done at work in the morning. Arrived at the airport pretty early, waited. Felt nervous for some reason. Saw them come out with the pilots -- the last to leave the plane. Adam spotted me and ran straight into my arms. Avery beamed. Sarah kissed. All was well.