life as understood

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On Wifey

courtesy of Jeff |

Don't think I haven't noticed that I haven't included as much about Sarah in my blog as she includes about me. I'll justify myself by saying that her blog is the update blog, and mine is the, well, musing blog. Most of my musings are academic in nature, but that's surely not to say that most of my thoughts are as well. I guess I just generally prefer to keep private sentiments private as well, but this shouldn't be an excuse. Sarah is outrageously public with her affections, and as a service to my beloved, I shall now attempt some of the same.

A solid eight or nine months into marriage, I can safely say that it's still as if we got married eight or nine days ago, except we're not in Cancun. It's better, though, because normal college life is spectacular. Sarah makes it so.

She puts up with a lot from me, and takes it in stride. She never complains about my neuroticisms or my constant busyness. I'm gone a lot. She sends me periodic love texts throughout the day, and is always, ALWAYS happy to see me when I come home. Seeing her is a 100%-effective spirit-lifter for me as well. She's a straight-A student with pertinent research interests. She's by far the most attractive person in the History Department, man or woman. She manages to balance home life, studies, friends, spiritual, and all aspects of life with great aplomb. She is beloved by literally, absolutely all with whom she comes into contact. She is open-minded and able to connect to all, while still holding her own values and bubbliness intact. An essay of hers called "The Bluest Blue" is most prizeworthy. I hope it gets posted here beofre long. She is both the smartest and funniest girl I know, and will likely remain so indefinitely. Her selfless experimentations in the kitchen are second to none. She truly is a dream wife in so many ways, and I, the busy academic aspirer, so frequently take her for granted. No longer. She's the wonderfullest. That's right. The wonderfullest. I've smiled so much in the past eight or nine months, I can hardly stand it.


the new year

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Christmas was good. For specifics on that, surely my wife's blog will suffice. Our perfectly parked car was plowed by a snowplow, so we'll be driving back to Sun Valley this weekend to collect it. Finals ended well last semester, and classes are so far so good now. All of my classes this semester are extremely writing-intensive, and mostly creative writing, so chances are, you'll be hearing from me much more frequently. What a relief. I'm very excited to resume work on a story about a salesman, which I believe to be the best thing I will have ever written. I will be producing many creative works throughout the course of the next few months, though in a paradoxically regimental fashion. I also must begin work on a writing journal with entries at least four times a week. I toyed briefly with the idea of including the entirety of said journal in this blog, but decided that it would not only bog down the blog with such an excess of new information that it would be quite off-putting, but also limit my creative output to that which can or should be read publicly. In lieu of that, I will instead include the highlights on this blog as well as the "works" blog next door. I'm excited, though. Good things have happened recently which will augment all of this. Firstly, I helped facilitate the creation of the new position of "supervisor" at the Writing Center, which I then promptly filled. Basically, it's the same reception/administrative duties I've had recently, but with added power, and added free time for writing. Also, my nepotistic article "It Takes a Family to Raise a Village" appeared in the winter issue of Utah State magazine, just sent to bookstands and alumni last week. That was fun. Also, it's nice to have that project no longer hanging over my head, and the editor enjoyed working with me and may have future writing assignments as well. So there's that. Sarah's been under the weather as of late, and I've been not too far behind, but we should be on the upswing, and we're quite happy. Sarah's going to be doing a lot of cool stuff academically this semester as well. I'll get into more of our future exploits soon. But not too far in the future. We still haven't figured that out.