life as understood

by jeff carr, master of the arts, -------------------------------------------------------------------------- presumably from a couch


the end of the semester

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I am getting married in five days. Most everything is done. I took my one and only final today, and I have two and a half days now to finish my one last paper of the semester. It, like the rest of the work I've produced over the last couple of weeks, is probably sub-par. That's how it goes, though. You earn an A in a class for the first ten weeks of the semester, and lose it all in the last two. The GPA is more a reflection of endurance than intellect. I don't know how I'll end up, but fortunately, apathy is another fine by-product of being swamped. I'll just be glad that it's all over. Plus, I'm getting married in five days. So life will be pretty dang amazing then.



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I've just been informed that my short story "Superior" has won the USU undergraduate fiction contest this year. That means publication!!! I hope it doesn't mean, though, that I can never submit it anywhere else. We'll see. Holy cow, I didn't expect this at all. It's on the new collected works blog, so read up, if you're interested, before I have to pull it off for copyright infringement or something. Hey hey!


posting things online

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I'm supposed to be writing a historical essay right now for my medieval European history class. I sure hate that. Someone suggested that I start a blog to showcase some of my work as a writer, and I thought "I have a blog". That was many months ago. It was only now that I realized that just having a blog, and throwing up my musings as well as some crappy poems wasn't really accomplishing what that person suggested. So I've started a new blog, for my works. (Here it is. Click here.) I will do my best to update it as I come out with new stuff and feel saucy enough to let other people read it. For those that are wondering, "Superior" is the short story that got me into the finals of that huge national contest. I get married in one month. Now, back to the 14th century.