life as understood

by jeff carr, master of the arts, -------------------------------------------------------------------------- presumably from a couch


Washington, DC

courtesy of Jeff |

Well, we're here. The wedding and the receptions are over, we have driven across the country, flown to Mexico, gotten sunburned, come back, and we're now two weeks into the great experiment. A full-time job, that is. Here's the verdict thus far: sign me up for grad school. I'm not for it--at least not for spending over ten hours of each day knocking doors and offering them decent deals on big decisions, instead of spending that time with my wife, or writing, or learning, or teaching, or anything else. At least Sarah and I get Sundays together, and mornings. We generally spend the latter lounging about the house. As for Sundays, we spent the last one at Arlington National Cemetery, and then today at the Botanic Gardens and the Portrait Gallery, both national. I started out the job doing quite well, and since have hit a bit of a dry spell, but I'm optimistic, and I've already made as much as I made all last summer, so I shouldn't complain. I miss people, school, freedom, and Logan, but all is well. This has been a good experience, and we're finding our step. The marriage part is good.