life as understood

by jeff carr, master of the arts, -------------------------------------------------------------------------- presumably from a couch



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First of all, yes, we're back in the west, and back in school. This is a very good thing. There's much to be documented, and believe me, it will be done once I get a second where my conscience isn't telling me to do something else instead. I just thought it prudent to note to my viewer(s) that my lovely wife Sarah has started a blog "for our family". And while I applaud her efforts and encourage her to write at all opportunities, I fear the worst for my own beloved blog. I know it may seem that I neglect the electronic face of my muse all too often, but I'm determined to keep it functioning. And rest assured, Sarah's divisive actions will not be ignored. We will respond thoroughly and swiftly in defending the individual writes and liberties that have long made this the greatest blog in the family. And by "we", I mean "I".