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dear mr. president

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I just wanted to write to thank you for a pleasant visit to your fair city, Washington, DC. As always, I have found your restaurants delectable, your hotels luxurious, and your Newseums informative. Yesterday, I enjoyed a brisk walk across the Connecticut Avenue bridge over Rock Creek Park and past the Algerian Embassy, and I kicked myself a little for ever having left this place after that hot, romantic summer of 2008. The streets still vibrate with life, history, and hope in all that our country is and can be. I was even honored to hear the name of my beloved hometown on all of your local news broadcasts last night. What hospitality! I hope to be back again soon for a longer visit.

PS: Sorry one of my townsmen tried to kill you the other day he doesn't represent us but I must say I was standing about the same distance from the White House today and it would have been a pretty darn lucky shot although of course you were out of town that day which he probably didn't know because our internet is slow but either way I know not many of us voted for you in 2008 and even fewer will next year but we're not all insane and in fact a few of us have some pretty good ideas and even some progressive tendencies so please don't cut our INL funding or the Areva project and besides that guy's family owns a really good restaurant in town which you should try if you come visit never mind that'd be weird but the point is it's a wonderful city and probably less than 20 percent of us are backwoods anarchists. Tops.

4 responses:

Karlie Ann Ady said...

you were in dc and didnt stop in? WHHHAAAAA?

Bryce said...

Jeff -

I Dont know if you know this but I am now living in the DC area. All the guys at work were giving me a hard time because that crazy was from Idaho. Needless to say I liked the post.

Audrey said...

I don't live in DC, but hopefully I can still comment. Lately, Noel and I have found great enjoyment in referring to our hometowns as places where less than _% are backwoods anarchists. Love it.

Danger Dave said...

Brilliant post, as always!